Erick's Extra Web Resources.

Follow Erick's Twitter feed (ericke) at @exic. In the meantime, for some introductory material on issues relevant to psych and mad politics (which is not so constantly updated), check the following:


Violence and Madness...

"Mentally ill 'at high risk of being victim of violence'" [BBC 2012]

Medicating Aliya

David Healy on antidepressants link to suicide

Prescription Drugs Associated with Reports of Violence Towards Others


Dopaminergic Hypothesis of Schizophrenia: A Historical Perspective

Neurobiology and "Schizophrenia Symptoms"

GlaxoSmithKlein and $3 billion settlement

Human behavioural genetics an "unfulfilled promise"

New York Times "Eugenics Past and Future"


Unhurtful Thoughts: A Preoccupied Brain Produces Pain-Killing Compounds (Scientific American)

"Listening to Experience" [Mind in UK]

Video: Elenor Langden: Learning from Voices

Avoidance of Voices Can Be as Problematic as Listening Too Much

Patients Harmed by Diagnosis Find Their Voices

The Medication Generation

"The enchantment of bipolar"

Childhood trauma link to psychosis

Author Jan Wong and depression

Crooked Beauty (film trailer)


When Western Therapy Fails

Helpful Tips for front line staff

Open Dialogue, Finland

Peer Support Principles, Ch. 3 (One example of peer support) from Engaging Women in Trauma-Informed Peer Support: A Guidebook

Peer Zone Shared Resources on Distress


My father's advocacy for a right to treatment (on Mortin Birbaum, progressive US lawyer)

2010 Annual Report by Ontario's Patient Advocate Office

Thomas Szasz Fifty Years After "The Myth of Mental Illness" (tribute to Szasz, 1920-2012)